This was a very nice spring day in Colorado when Cheri, Don and I met for this engagement session. I always wanted to have a photo session in this beautiful area close to Morrison. I love the trees here. This session had to be special, since Don is a photographer himself. The pressure was on. I had a lot of fun and so did Daisy, their little puppy. Can’t wait to photograph their wedding.

Just a few from last weekend’s wedding in Denver. The winter paused for a moment while Hillary and Michael celebrated a very romantic wedding under the blue sky of Colorado. Thanks to both of  them for having me at their wedding. 

Hey, I’m Hardy.

Just a little about the tall German behind the camera… In 2003, I followed my heart and moved from Germany to the United States to be with my sweet and tenacious wife Tammy.

I’m a true fan of Nutella, but only the one made in Germany (because there is a difference). For some reason I love the way it feels to write with a fountain pen, but I also have a minor technology obsession, especially if it has a glowing Apple, or the red dot with the name Leica on it.

Feel free to contact me at or call me at 720.936.8076 if you’d like to talk about my photos or the differences between U.S. and German Nutella.

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Hardy Klahold

Denver, CO 


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