Wedding Colorado style. “Wear boots and wranglers to our wedding and you will fit right in with the rest of the cowboys!” was Leslie’s answer, when I asked her about the dress code for her wedding. I was so looking forward to this wedding and I was not disappointed. The Rocking Arrowhead Hay Farm was the perfect location for a cowboy wedding. What a beautiful fall day. Not one cloud in the sky. Thank you Leslie and Ty for having me as your photographer at your wedding. Here is a quick look at some of the photos from Sunday.Leslie and Ty getting marriedLeslie and TyLeslie and TyLeslie and TyLeslie and TyLeslie and Ty getting marriedLeslie and TyLeslie and TyLeslie and TyLeslie and Ty getting marriedLeslie and Ty getting married

Thank you to Nicholas Purcell and the folks from the Australian wedding photography blog Mr & Mrs Weddings, for including  me in a list with so many world class photographers. Most of them I admire for their incredible work myself. The people behind the wedding photography blog Mr & Mrs Weddings named me one of the 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the World. – Thank you again for seeing me as a part of such a talented crowd of photographers. That’s awesome. All I can say is, I love what I do and I think this is what you can see in my work, nothing more.Wedding photographer

Hey, I’m Hardy.

Just a little about the tall German behind the camera… In 2003, I followed my heart and moved from Germany to the United States to be with my sweet and tenacious wife Tammy.

I’m a true fan of Nutella, but only the one made in Germany (because there is a difference). For some reason I love the way it feels to write with a fountain pen, but I also have a minor technology obsession, especially if it has a glowing Apple, or the red dot with the name Leica on it.

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