There was still snow on the mountains, when Victoria and Richard said YES. Beautiful, gorgeous blue sky and all their family and friends witnesses the ceremony in Breckenridge. Thanks you Victoria and Richard for having me as our photographer at your intimate, beautiful wedding in the mountains. Stay tuned there will be more.

I’m still very touched by the wedding of Mary and Florian yesterday at the beautiful Sonnalp in Vail. Friends from all over the world came to witness Florian and Mary’s big day in the Colorado mountains. It was a German, US, Italian celebration of family, love and friendship. A huge Thank You to both families, who invited me into their life’s to be a part of this amazing wedding.

I have to give a big shout out the the Sonnenalp for creating this elegant frame for this international wedding and Kevin Danzig – dude you rocked this wedding.

Wedding of Mary and Florian in Vail, ColoradoMary and Florian

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