Why should you trust me to tell you what to look for in a Denver wedding photographer? The first thing you should know about me is that I care about good wedding photography. Over the years, I have heard too many horror stories and seen too many botched pictures. I don’t want that to happen to you!

In my opinion, finding the right photographer should be a top priority as you plan your special day. Don’t skimp! Consider the photographer the next most essential person after the bride, groom, and mother of the bride. They really are that critical in determining whether the lasting memories of your wedding are positive or negative.

Here is how you should separate the good from the bad when choosing a wedding photographer:

Ask a Consultant

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When I speak with a bride for the first time, I always ask if they have a wedding consultant. And, no, a venue coordinator does not count! They are only interested in making sure the event starts and ends on time. A wedding consultant will be there to ensure that everything goes to plan and fits in the budget. They will be able to recommend photographers who have a great track record and are affordable.

Search the Web

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Even though I always recommend a consultant, because I think they can save you more than they charge, I understand not everyone wants to go that route. If you want to handle the wedding photographer search yourself, of course the Internet will be a big help. One thing to keep in mind: just because someone is in the top spot on Google doesn’t mean they are a great wedding photographer. Don’t be afraid to venture into page 2 or page 3 of search results. There you may find some professionals who focus more on their photos than their marketing.


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After you’ve made a list of a few potential professionals, you’ll need to examine their previous work. Are you moved by their photos? Do you see the types of photos you would like to have of your own wedding? Some advice you may not expect from a wedding photographer: don’t make your choice solely on the photos you see. Your photographer needs to be more than your cameraman that day. They also need to be your best friend behind the scenes. Make sure you like the person as much as the work they do.


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Yes, having the right equipment is important. However, I think it’s important to not get too carried away with the tools of the trade. When you’re choosing your wedding photographer, you don’t need to obsessively worry over every item in their work bag. It may sound great when a photographer gives you a long list of all the tools they will have with them, but then on the day they are so weighed down by their equipment that they end up missing a lot of the action or delaying the bride and groom.

Follow Your Heart

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These were just a few of the tips that I would give anyone looking for a wedding photographer. In the end, going with a referral from a trusted friend may be the best advice of all.

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