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Hardy Klahold Photography


I felt very honored and proud when I received the news that the creators of Photodoto picked my website for their article about 50 brilliant Photo Sites of Professional Photographers. In their blog post about brilliant photo sites they use my website as on of 50 examples to explain other photographers how to put a professional online portfolio together. Thank you Photodoto, I feel very honored to be part of such an incredible bunch of creative people. I love what I’m doing and I guess it shows.

Hardy Klahold Photography



Hey, I’m Hardy.

Just a little about the tall German behind the camera… In 2003, I followed my heart and moved from Germany to the United States to be with my sweet and tenacious wife Tammy.

I’m a true fan of Nutella, but only the one made in Germany (because there is a difference). For some reason I love the way it feels to write with a fountain pen, but I also have a minor technology obsession, especially if it has a glowing Apple, or the red dot with the name Leica on it.

Feel free to contact me at or call me at 720.936.8076 if you’d like to talk about my photos or the differences between U.S. and German Nutella.

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Hardy Klahold

Denver, CO 


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